Frequently Asked Questions

Q. PinPoint asks to have access for assistive devices, but that option is no longer in the Accesibility System Preferences under Mavericks. What should I do?

This setting has been moved to the Security and Privacy System Settings under the Privacy tab under Mavericks. Once there, on the left, there is the option for Accessibility where you can indicate which apps have access. If PinPoint is missing from the list, drag it’s icon to the list from the Finder.

Q. Can PinPoint be used with Apple’s Keynote?

Absolutely. In Keynote’s preferences, you have to indicate you wish the mouse pointer to be displayed all the time and also to allow for Exposé, Dashboard and others.

Q. Can I upgrade from the previous version of PinPoint to the Mac App Store version?

There is no mechanism to upgrade. The Mac App Store does not support upgrades from non-App Store versions. Sorry. We’ve reduced the price of PinPoint to help users of older version upgrade.

Q. I still have the old version of PinPoint installed. How do I remove it?

You can download the PinPoint 3.0

Or you can go to System Preferences, choose PinPoint and turn it off and tell it not to start on login. Then you can remove it from /Library/PreferencePanes or ~/Library/PreferencePanes (to show your home’s Library folder, hold down Option and go to the Go menu in the Finder)

Q. I would like to modify/disable/flip/replace the Mac’s pointer. Can PinPoint do this?

PinPoint does not change the actual pointer in any way. This requires overriding Mac OS X and is not encouraged by Apple. Therefore, we do not do this. PinPoint adds to the existing pointer but does not replace it. But PinPoint Pro will allow a form of this to be possible. Stay tuned…

Q. I’ve changed my mind and would like a refund. Is this possible?

At Lagente, be believe in supporting our customers and we understand you might change your mind. Before asking for a refund, please let us know if we can help fix any issue or make you a happy camper in any way! Refunds are done through Apple directly. For information on how to proceed, please check the FAQ section of the App Store (bottom of the screen).

Q. Why did you not simply adapt version 2.52 or 3 to the Mac App Store and allow previous users to upgrade?

The App Store does not allow programs which install Preference Panes. Nor does it allow upgrades from non-App Store versions. It took quite a bit of effort to adapt all this and we think the lower price was a good compromise. We hope you agree.

Q. PinPoint 3 allowed for custom Quartz-Composer pointers. Can one still make their own?

Yes. We’ve had to change the way this works, but it is still quite possible. Contact-us for more details. But most needs are now answered through the new Custom pointer built into PinPoint 3.6 and +.

Q. PinPoint Pro doesn’t have all the fun animations that Pinpoint has… what gives?

Pinpoint Pro has been completely re-written and lately the technilogy that was being used (Quartz Compositions) has been less than a priority. Thus, we have decided to go towards more modern technologies. We will work on adding more fun animations over time, but PinPoint Pro is focused on the needs of professional screencasters as well as people who just want more flexibility in how they enhance their pointer, but less “cutesy” requirements 🙂 But hey, cute is fun too, so we’ll see…

Q. What are the differences between the Mac App Store version of PinPoint Pro and the web-purchased version?

They are mostly the same although there are a few small differences. The web version obviously uses a serial number system. It also has a feature to completely Hide the System pointer and only display its effect. This is a bit sketchy and imperfect, as the realy pointer can sometimes flicker as it changes based on where you are pointing. But it is useful still.

Q. Can I upgrade from PinPoint to PinPoint Pro?

Unfortunately not. It is a separate product and is sold as such. We hope the features will be enticing enough to convince you to get your own and build amazing pointers! We haven’t charged for upgrades to Pinpoint over the 10+ years it has existed, except in moving from the web purchases to the Mac App Store originally. Sadly, that is not a sustainable business model. Yet, we have always offered quick and courteous support. You can decide if this is worth the price of going to the movies.