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For Mac OS X 10.6.6 and up including 10.9 Mavericks

Locate your pointer, have fun!
Custom pointers for your Mac! Entertaining and useful PinPoint shows you the way to your pointer! Customize your Mac pointer, enhance it, make your pointer visible for all sorts of great situations.
For large screen setups, for presentations or tutorials, or just for fun, PinPoint is an inexpensive way to locate your mouse pointer.
Quick Overview
There is no better way to experience PinPoint’s features than to watch a short demonstration. This clip will take you through the basic features to get you started.
Watch more clips on specific topics in our Tutorials section.
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PinPoint is conveniently available from the menu bar at the top of your screen. It does however offer an option to be completely hidden, in which case it can still be controlled by double-clicking on its icon in your Applications folder.
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Image of a variety of pointer effects
Fun pointers
Sometimes, it is the little things in life which make us smile and enjoy our day. Although we are a very serious bunch (ahem), sometimes, we just like taking the Choo Choo Train for a ride... or switch our loved-one’s pointer to hearts! Oops, time to take the Doggie for a walk.
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Useful pointers
Having fun is certainly important, but we also need to get things done. For this, PinPoint offers a series of pointers aimed at serious users. Whether you want your audience to follow along without losing the pointer, or perhaps to find the little bugger on one of your 6 monitors or perhaps simply because your eyesight is not what it used to be, there is most certainly a pointer just for you. If not, we’re open to suggestions!
Useful pointer effect selection
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Animated pointers
Most of the pointers in PinPoint can be animated somehow, whether it is a simple slow rotation or more intricate 3D animation, or perhaps a particle effect like the Snowflakes pointer. Animations can help see the pointer or add enjoyment or both.
Watch some movies of many of the animations in the Tutorials section.
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Visible keystrokes
One of the most demanded features by screencasters and presenters, the ability to display key presses is now built-into PinPoint! You can opt to display all keys, or just modifier keys.
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Crosshair effect spans two or more screens
Using two monitors? Doing precision work? The full screen crosshairs is a life saver. It makes it extra easy to find your mouse across two screens. Also a practical way to do precision alignment.
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Make your own!
The artist in you wants to explore other pointer looks? The new Custom pointer lets you pick any image and transforms it into a pointer instantly. Great for logos for kiosks or to make things extra personal.
Variety of custom pointers are shown here
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Many of our users have vision problems. PinPoint helps them find their mouse pointer. Some users with specific problems find the most surprising pointers to help the most, like the Spinning Cubes, because of the movement. You can even use a hot key to center the pointer on the screen, where you can find it easily!
Screencasts & tutorials
When recording your screen with QuickTime X or any other tool, using PinPoint both with one of the pointers which reacts to mouse clicks as well as displaying Keyboard Presses really helps your audience follow along!
Multiple Screens and sunlight
The more screens you have, the most useful PinPoint becomes! But sometimes, even a single screen can make things hard to see, if it is in full sunlight. So why not activate PinPoint on your MacBook while working outside?
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