If you are looking for a simple notepad app and care about elegance and practicality, Clippings is here to help. Built for taking quick notes, storing images and URLs as well as links to most-used files, Clippings focuses on simplicity and ease and looks great too!

Simple yet powerful

Clippings is all about making day-to-day tasks as easy as can be. Advanced features like highlighting, URL detection and automatic page naming are all available, yet simple to use.

A Great organizational tool

Clippings starts out as a simple notepad, but as you will see, it really helps you organize your information. There are folders to group your notes or in which you can drop files for quick access. The Full Search or Quicksearch tools allow you to find what you need fast!

But more importantly, if for any reason you need to access a specific note within another program, you can open your Clippings document and display its contents. Use the Finder’s contextual menu to “Open the package contents” of a Clippings file. Each page is actually a full RTF document you can modify as you wish!


Need to find the next occurrence of a word in a single note, or within every note? Find the next or previous occurrence by using the QuickFind tool! Need more? You can search and replace within a page, or do a document-wide search using the Folder view’s Search bar as well.

Many unique features

Clippings has a few tricks up it’s sleeve. Here is a short list of some of the unique features built-into Clippings. All useful, but mostly, implemented in a way to make them useable by mere mortals:

  1. Auto-detect URLs

  2. Auto-naming of notes

  3. Auto-Open & Auto-Save

  4. Information & Navigation Bar

  5. New Page on Paste or Drop

  6. Word & Character Count

  7. Import & Export

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Time stamps

When taking notes it is sometimes useful to enter the date and time (either or both). Clippings offers either a menu item or Toolbar item to do just that.

System Requirements

Mac OS X 10.6.6 and up

Online manual Clippings_Instructions.html

Keep your notes to yourself!

Clippings can encrypt your documents using high-level encryption algorithms. So strong in fact that the AES-128 encryption used in Clippings has never been cracked and is supported by the NSA.

Your secrets are absolutely safe with Clippings.

And even if your file becomes corrupted in any way, since each page is a separate document within the Clippings file, as long as you remember your passcode, you can ALWAYS get back to your data by re-importing your pages into Clippings.