Frequently Asked Questions


Q. Can I upgrade from the previous version of PinPoint to the Mac App Store version?

  1. A.There is no mechanism to upgrade. The Mac App Store does not support upgrades from non-App Store versions. Sorry. We’ve reduced the price of PinPoint to help users of older version upgrade.

  1. Q.PinPoint 3 allowed for custom Quartz-Composer pointers. Can one still make their own?

  2. A.Yes. We’ve had to change the way this works, but it is still quite possible. for more details.

Q. I still have the old version of PinPoint installed. How do I remove it?

  1. A.You can download the old installer from the MacChampion web site. It contains the uninstaller.

Q. I would like to modify/disable/flip/replace the Mac’s pointer. Can PinPoint do this?

  1. A.PinPoint does not change the actual pointer in any way. This requires overriding Mac OS X and is not encouraged by Apple. Therefore, we do not do this. PinPoint adds to the existing pointer but does not replace it.

Q. I’ve changed my mind and would like a refund. Is this possible?

  1. A.At Lagente, be believe in supporting our customers and we understand you might change your mind. Before asking for a refund, please let us know if we can help fix any issue or make you a happy camper in any way! Refunds are done through Apple directly. For information on how to proceed, please check the FAQ section of the App Store (bottom of the screen).

Q. Why did you not simply adapt version 2.52 or 3 to the Mac App Store and allow previous users to upgrade?

  1. A.The App Store does not allow programs which install Preference Panes. Nor does it allow upgrades from non-App Store versions. It took quite a bit of effort to adapt all this and we think the lower price was a good compromise. We hope you agree.