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Release notes

Beta 14 Notes
Improved hiding the System Pointer when selecting and deselecting that feature and toggling a pointer which hides the system pointer
Rotating images should not get cut-off anymore, whatever their size
Reestablished offsets for horizontally and vertically stretched layers
You can now adjust the anchor point around which a shape revolves instead of always the center.
Fixed glitches when typing values directly where characters would get doubled
By default, an active pointer is now selected for editing on launch
Major issue of losing pointers when rearranging them in the list is fixed
Fixed an offset issue with reversed shapes like the Spotlight
More work on the Text Fields...

Beta 13 Notes
Vastly improved Text Fields and popups for Layer editing
Fixed hiding of System pointer to work in more scenarios
Re-established broken image selection in image well
Improved look and feel of Pointer selection checkboxes
CMD-W now closes window (except when Dock Icon Hidden)
Key visualizer: « fn » should no longer appear for Function keys and Delete key as well as a few others where it shouldn’t
Key visualizer: Shift Key no longer displayed when used alone in Modifiers without Shift Keyboard Visualiser

Remaining issues

Bug: Quit while Settings on screen sometimes quits app which is behind, even if Menu shown...
Bug: Pointers are drawn in bottom left and are displayed there before following the mouse sometimes
Bug: Switching screens under Mavericks not as smooth as it should be when using separate Desktops for each screen. Go to System Preferences > Mission Control and turn off for pointers to spread accross multiple screens.
Bug: Editing Pointer Names under Mavericks flickers
Bug: Crosshairs flicker on multi-screen set-ups
Bug: Mouse-Down animations not quite perfect
Enhancement: Improve precision of crosshairs
Bug: Key visualizer does not always go away, especially when typing multiple modifier-enhanced keys in a row. Investigating

Mac App Store version being worked on
ToDo: Enable Enter Registration when MAS receipt being used
Adjust list of default pointers already in place on first launch. Some adjustment required right now.

Web: Post all info on Frameworks/OS projects

Moved to version 1.1 and beyond

Bug: Sliders do not appear all the time when there is only a single field and focus not removed (by pressing tab) (cosmetic, pushed back)

Enhancement: Move to Click Position
Enhancement: Auto-adjust width or text of Key Visualizer (in update?)
Enhancement: Left/right-align text in visualizer as option?
Enhancement: Even if hiding Dock icon, show it while Settings window is open so Command-Tab can be used? Option?
Enhancement: Allow selection of Font, Size and color for Display layer
Enhancement: Display Step # in Display Step Layer
Enhancement: Implement Image in Display Step Layer (disabled in 1.0 for now)
Enhancement: Allow reordering of Layers? Not much use, but not very hard.
Enhancement: Animated Previews (large or perhaps even small)
Enhancement: Add contextual menu when clicking on Pointer (same as action)

Beta 12 Notes

Worked on Keyboard Display Layers, including fixing the display of arrow keys and the fact that it was impossible to do anything when a Key display layer was enabled...
Keyboard display should work at launch (was broken on Mavericks)
Only get message for access to assistive devices once, and no longr in app itself in Mavericks

Software update should work...

Issue where PinPoint is asking for Accessibility every launch and Key combinations not resolved... waiting to fix before releasing this...

Couldn’t spend a lot of time over the past week, but things should improve. Lots of fixes required still, thanks for all the feedback!

Beta 11 Notes

License validation now should work on relaunch and be preserved, as well as app data.
Fixed input validation on fade-in and fade-out values
Trial Dialog now appears on top of other windows upon relaunch

[ IMPORTANT: We’re trying out some things with software updates. You might need to download this one manually ]

Beta 9 Notes

Improved appearance of click layers, although still some more minor issues.

Beta 7 Notes

Bug Fix: Changing values manually now work properly in fields with Popups
Bug Fix: Various bug fixes with Registration (cosmetic mostly)
Bug Fix: Multiple bug fixes with the deletion of all pointers and creation of new ones
Bug Fix: Keyboard visualizer display for tall and narrow boxes improved
Bug Fix: Step layers no longer flash when PPPro launched

New Feature: Ability to reset all settings (and preserve registration)

Beta 6 Notes

Bug Fix: Preview image no longer has a cosmetic issue on the right side
Bug Fix: Preview for Reversed Raster Images now shown in reverse (highlighter)
Bug Fix: Preview for Display layer now has appropriate corner rounding
Bug Fix: Pointer status now properly updated
Bug Fix: Send feedback menu should now properly work
Bug Fix: Deleting pointer now refreshes highlight properly
Bug Fix: Display layer Preview not drawn automatically when selecting layer for the first time
Bug Fix: Display Layer should show it’s « can be moved » message when appropriate
Bug Fix: Changing Display Layer type now refreshes options
Bug Fix: Reordering Steps now working
Bug Fix: Added ability to add and remove Steps
Bug Fix: Keyboard visualizer now reacts a lot quicker as expected
Bug Fix: Crosshairs no longer cut off and faster (but do not use retina graphics)

New Feature: Option to disable Retina graphics in multi-screen systems for better performance, but rougher graphics n retina screen

Beta 5 Notes

Bug Fix: Creating an Empty pointer replaced with creating a « Basic » pointer to avoid a problem.
Bug Fix: Crosshair no longer too thick
Bug Fix: Activating a pointer no longer resets selected row

Major change in architecture by bringing all components into a single App to accomodate an issue with Sandboxing. Better handling of icon Dock and windows for software updates

Beta 4 Notes

Bug fix: Sliders no longer become separated from their control when window closed and overall better useability
Bug fix: Large Pointer and Lefty pointers no longer act strange after a relaunch (scale, offset, invisible)
Bug fix: Improved reliability of Hide System Pointer when deleting Layers and Pointers
Bug fix: PinPoint should now react to screen changes appropriately
Bug fix: Preview for very fine lines thickened
Bug fix: Renaming pointers now available
Bug fix: PPEngine now quits when Selecting Quit from Main app
Bug fix: About and Preferences now working correctly in Helper app

Enhancement: Sliders displayed to the right of fields to facilitate going from one fiend to the next

Beta 3 Notes
Fixed Keyboard visualiser ?? display bug
Added option not to colorize imported bitmaps
Added Flip animation (must delete PinPointData in Documents for this to appear... )
Added option for Menu Icon to be in color

Beta 2 notes
Step View configuration panel layout all mixed up (fixed in b2)
Editing Image in layer properties not working (fixed in b2)
Moving Display layers like the Keyboard visualizer is broken (fixed in b2)
Hides System Pointer option missing (fixed in b2)
Shortcut well now works properly (fixed in b2)
OnClick Mouse animations now work even when base animation is set to Hidden

Crash issue with Key visualizer tied to unexpected keys (still investigating, potential fix in b2)

Requested features

Possible integration of older PinPoint 3 pointers (requires a lot of work. Perhaps for Pro 1.5
Possibility to have the spotlight effect adapt to the topmost window when not moving. Or at least, highlight the topmost window. Will investigate what can be done once 1.0 ships.
Possibility to display keys horizontally, not just vertically