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Scenario 1.5 is now officially on the App Store. Learn more about it here! Scenario.html shapeimage_1_link_0

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Locate your pointer, have fun!

Entertaining and useful PinPoint shows you the way to your pointer! For large screen setups, for presentations or tutorials, or just for fun, PinPoint is an inexpensive way to locate your mouse pointer.


Run AppleScripts when you need to

Scenario allows you to run AppleScripts when certain events happen. AppleScripts can be launched on Login, on Logout, when your Mac becomes Idle, no longer is Idle, goes to Sleep or Wakes up or when you hit a special Keystroke.


PinPoint has been reviewed on the Daily App Show! Click on the logo to watch the video:

The Simply Elegant Notepad

Clippings is a great way to take notes and keep all sorts of clippings around, organize them and store them. It is inexpensive, yet offers many advanced features!

Highlighting, URLs, Search and much more, Clippings might just be the notepad you’ve been looking for!

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