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Stint is a time-tracker for the professional who sells banks of time and needs to track how much of it they've spent on each project.

Define the amount of time you must spend and add entries as you go. Stint keeps track of the total for each project.

At any time, Stint can create invoices for a fixed amount of time or for actual time spent and email the invoice directly to your customer.

To learn more, watch our introduction video on the left.

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Projects at a glance

Stint is designed to manage projects which are time-defined, like hourly support contracts or blocks of consulting time. Projects are defined as a number of units and Stint offers a quick view showing the remaining time for each project.

Stint will help you keep track of each contract and invoice for the time spent.

Time Entries are added and tweaked using simple swipes and taps.

Stint also offers invoicing with many flexible options.

Detail screen

Each project is tied to a Client, Rate, Duration and Due date. These can be changed at any time.

A progress bar shows the amount of time you've spent and tapping it displays more information. Project durations can be defined in minutes, hours, days or weeks.

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Quick Entry

Entering time is as efficient as possible. The Quick Entry screen uses swipes and taps to make things quick. Swipe left-right to increase/decrease by a minute, swipe up/down to change the hour, double-tap to move the time to the previous or next 15-minutes (tap left or right). The Quick Entry screen is conveniently available in the project's Toolbar on the main screen for easy access.


Stint can create an invoice for a selection of specific time entries or a set amount of time. Invoices can be sent via email and all the entries get flagged so they do not get charged twice.
Previously sent invoices are archived and available to resend. Deleting an archived invoice restores its entries which become available for a new invoice.

Archiving and Exporting

Stint automatically archives its data in a CSV file and can also share it via email or iTunes File Sharing.

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