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AtBox receives emails and extracts attachments into shared folders you can then access through the network.

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iPad > Email > Shared Folder
Send files from any app on your iPad and place them on a file server. Great for teachers receiving projects from their students.

@tBox scans new emails sent to a Mac and moves all the enclosures to specified folders, based on the recipient, sender and subject.
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Unlimited Addresses
Configure as many email addresses as you need, each one will extract the enclosed files into a folder you specify!
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Automatic Projects
Tell your users to enter a project name as the subject of their messages & @tBox will place all extracted files in a subfolder inside these "project" folders automatically!
And all the files will be placed in subfolders named after the sender of the file.
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Keep Previous Versions
Just in case someone sends files to the same project again, @tBox will keep the previous files around until another email arrives for the same project. Giving you an extra layer of security.
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Print PDFs by Email
Send PDF to print addresses and they will be sent to the printer you choose. No need for special wireless printers, no need for special technologies. It all happens via email!
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